Reviewed by Captain Joel on Apr 18, 2012
Alan Wake was one of the most fun games I've played this generation, so I was pretty stoked for a sequel. Thankfully, American Nightmare does NOT disappoint. You still take command of Alan as he fights for control over reality, facing off against his dark copy, Mr. Scratch, and the army of Taken. I don't say “army” lightly, either. There are literally TONS of enemies, because this game is much, much more combat-focused than the last one. The good part is that the combat has been given a major overhaul, and Alan has lots of new toys to dispatch his fearsome foes with (sawed-off shotguns, assault rifles, and crossbows, to name a few). He'll need to use them all to take out some of the new evolutions of Taken that have begun to seep into our reality. Despite the game being more combat-focused, the story is still fantastic and will have you glued to your seat the whole way through. If you actually enjoy the new combat, then there's also a great survival mode that pits you against the Taken. If you like great gunplay and a wonderful story, you have got to check this out!
Xbox 360
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