Reviewed by JR on Oct 25, 2010
A sexy protagonist can only take a game so far, and as much as I appreciate a dedicated seductive taunt button, Bayonetta is just not good. The story is incomprehensible, and the combat is weak. Enemies are generic and frequently recycled. Fighting relies too heavily on slow motion and, despite an extensive list of moves, feels very repetitive. It's difficult to get the timing right. As such, fighting comes down to button mashing. It's cool that you can practice moves during load screens, but the novelty wears off after the 100th time. With no health pickups, dying is all too common, and the game has to reload the level every single time. There's a lot I hate about Bayonetta; it has the world's slowest camera, it's inconsistent in many things like where you can wall run, and it incorporates worthless adventure segments. What really pushes me over the edge, though, are the quick-time events. They're so bad, you even die if you attempt to skip a cut-scene with a quick-time event in it. When will developers realize that nobody enjoys hitting a random button in the middle of a scene?
Xbox 360
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