Reviewed by JR on Nov 12, 2011
Escape Goat is full of surprises.  Every stage introduces new elements that keep an already inventive puzzle platformer feeling fresh.  You play as a goat that is, you guessed it, staging an escape.  The goal for each level, then, is to hit switches, collect keys, and navigate treacherous obstacles to get out of your deadly prison.  The goat is defenseless, so you must utilize the environment and a rat partner to your advantage.  The rat is what really makes Escape Goat stand out.  You can send it into small spaces inaccessible to the goat and can switch places with it if you have a magic hat.  This makes for some very interesting puzzles.  Several times, I was left scratching my head, staring blankly at the screen, and that's a good a thing.  There are several pre-made stages to play through in the story mode, as well as an intuitive level creator.  I'm not crazy about the soundtrack, but I do like the charming, retro graphics.  Escape Goat is a very well-made, fully-featured game that would easily hold its own on the XBLA marketplace.
Xbox 360
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