Reviewed by Clark on Mar 29, 2012
As the name promises, this is a game where you shoot many robots. But with a villain as versatile as "the robot," it's disappointing that there are so few enemy types here. Robots pile onto the screen in overwhelming droves, yet they're mostly the same. I think the developers were too caught up in diversifying the loot you find along the way. And that's what really makes this 2D shooter fun. While the gunplay is reminiscent of Contra and Metal Slug (which is most definitely a compliment), I found myself wanting to press on for the sheer delight of finding new, goofy, and powerful weapons and clothes. As your character levels up and dons better equipment, though, earlier levels are rendered useless; they become too easy to ever need to play again. Later levels, on the other hand, can get a bit frustrating in their difficulty. With two-player local co-op and four-player online, however, Shoot Many Robots offers plenty of reasons to keep at it. I've had more fun with this than any of the other side-scrolling shooters on XBLA, so it's absolutely worth the 800 points.
Xbox 360
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