Reviewed by Captain Joel on Mar 21, 2012
Sine Mora is a shmup in every sense of the word. It has numerous power-ups, lots of enemy types, and it can kind of be a bitch at times. Surprisingly, one of the areas that Sine Mora breaks from the usual shmup layout is the amazingly detailed environments. Seriously, these are some of the most beautiful and well-designed environments I've seen this generation and are reminiscent of worlds from the Star Wars films. The only real drawback from this is that you'll often find yourself mesmerized by the background, which probably wouldn't be a real problem in any other genre, but (and I know this isn't a surprise) the game can be pretty challenging. Thankfully, there's a slow time mechanic which gives you the upper hand if you're not used to navigating through the hail of bullets and plasma. This makes it somewhat easier on newcomers to the genre, but if you're impatient, then this is really not the game for you. If you have the patience, however, to take it on or are a fan of the shmup genre, then you will not be disappointed by Sine Mora at all.
Xbox 360
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