Reviewed by Clark on Oct 21, 2010
I don't want to be that one guy who rains on the Super Meat Boy parade, but I'm not impressed. It isn't the difficulty that puts me off, either. I love a good bitch-slapping from 2D platformers like N+. The controls, however, feel cheap. Meat Boy doesn't gain momentum. He's stuck on full speed, and his jump arcs like he's hitting his head on an invisible ceiling every time. The bonus characters help alleviate some of my frustrations with the controls, but the levels were designed with Meat Boy's skills in mind, so you have to play as him the majority of the time. Controlling Meat Boy requires so much precision and snapping the analog stick back and forth, though, that it physically hurts my thumb to play. I know the game is an homage (and parody) of classic gaming, but sometimes it's classic to a fault. Looking at N+ again, the controls there felt so much more modern. Plus, you got four-player co-op and a level editor, which Super Meat Boy lacks and yet wants to charge 1200 MS points once the launch sale is over. So it's a step backwards for more money? Whaaaaaaat?
Xbox 360
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