Reviewed by Clark on Apr 22, 2011
Fancy Pants is like the ninja from N+ went on an adventure... while wearing spiffy clothes. It's a 2D platformer that emphasizes wall-jumping, sliding, and running through Sonic-like loops. There's even a cooperative/competitive multiplayer option similar to New Super Mario Bros., only with 50% less bumping into each other. This is the kind of game I expected Super Meat Boy to be, because it's got an old-school charm and simple visuals but actually feels modern. How many more platformers can I mention in this review? Seriously, Fancy Pants Adventures is a culmination of all of these games and pulls it off really well. Your character has a realistic and satisfying weight to him. There are lots of fun ways to customize his outfit. The levels are just the right size. Co-op adds extra elements of strategy. Unfortunately, the introduction of combat in later levels drags it down a bit, and the camera in the co-op mode tends to get really stretched out. But I don't care. Fancy Pants is a delightful game with a lot of replay value, and I'm completely hooked.
Xbox 360
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