Reviewed by Clark on Feb 14, 2011
You may be tempted to call this another Mario Kart rip-off, but TNT Racers has more in common with the Micro Machines franchise. It's a fast and frantic top-down racer where all four cars have to stay on the same screen. Anyone who can't keep up gets knocked out of the race. TNT Racers adds more to this formula, however, by allowing fallen racers to come back as shadows to screw up the other players. I love this feature, because losing players don't have to just sit there and watch, but it's purely optional. And that's what I really like about this game: all the small settings you can customize (like which button is gas or which power-ups are available) that other racing games usually don't give you. It's a surprisingly complete package, except that the lack of original levels is hard to ignore, making the game feel a bit overpriced at 800 points. The focus is also on the multiplayer aspect of it, but the online community was dead on arrival. If you don't have anybody to play locally with, then it's not worth getting. That said, you'd really be missing out on a fun, little racer.
Xbox 360
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