Reviewed by Dallas on Apr 14, 2012
This game is a must-have for 3DS owners. It has the same addictive racing gameplay as all of its predecessors. Sure, Nintendo isn't reinventing the racing wheel here, but why should they? There are 16 new courses as well as 16 courses from previous games. New additions include a glider, a Tanooki tail for deflecting shells and hitting other racers, and a "7 item" block that gives you a star, red shell, and five other items to use right away. The karts can even be customized with different wheels and gliders. I have had a lot of fun playing single-player and local multiplayer. The only complaint I have is the online multiplayer. There is an element of luck to Mario Kart (mostly being lucky enough to avoid blue shells), and this hurts the online competitiveness. Also, Nintendo will not release a patch to the game even when there are glaring issues. The biggest glitch is in a course called Wuhu Loop where you can easily skip an entire third of the race! Players who exploit this will constantly vote to race on Wuhu Loop. Overall, Mario Kart 7 doesn't take any big risks, but it doesn't need to. I highly recommend this game.
Nintendo 3DS
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