Reviewed by Clark on Apr 12, 2012
There's a reason why Cut the Rope is one of the most iconic mobile games out there. It's super charming, easy to grasp, and offers just the right amount of head scratching in its puzzles. The first set of levels alone are great, where you have to figure out how to detach a piece of candy from various ropes in order for it to fall into the mouth of Om Nom the monster. I'd like to think that this simple mechanic alone could have carried the game to the end, but the developers upped the ante, anyway, by introducing new elements for every new set of levels. Soon, you're dealing with spiders, teleporting hats, and gravity switches, so the gameplay never gets old. None of it ever feels complicated, either. Sure, there are a few levels where you really have to act quickly, and others still I doubt I'll ever figure out. Most levels, though, are set up in such a way that getting the candy to Om Nom is no big deal while picking up all three stars along the way is just the opposite. There's a challenge here if you want it... or not. And that's casual gaming done right.
Android (Mobile)
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