Reviewed by JR on Apr 8, 2012
I like to keep a few multiplayer games loaded on my phone for those times I'm caught waiting in lines with a friend.  Glow Hockey 2 Pro is my go-to queue distraction, because it's simple and easy to jump in and out of a session.  It is a little awkward trying to balance the device with two people, however, and I find that it is much easier played when sitting at a table across from your opponent.  However you play it, Glow Hockey 2 is worth trying.  It's nothing more than neon Pong, but it's the best two-player neon Pong you'll find on the Android market.  The interface is clean, the graphics are pleasant, and the puck physics are, for the most part, pretty solid.  The free version has ads, but they aren't very intrusive.  Currently, the paid version is only available on the Amazon app store, so the only reason to buy it is if you only have access to a Kindle Fire.  If you are locked into the Amazon app store, it still might be worth the 99 cents, depending on how often you'll need a simple distraction for two people.
Android (Mobile)
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