Reviewed by Clark on Mar 8, 2012
This is such a visually appealing game that I hate to say anything bad about it, but Little Skywire leaves a lot to be desired. The gameplay, for instance, is incredibly simple. You move a little tram forwards and backwards on a cable, watching the patterned movements of the obstacles ahead of you and zipping past them when the coast is clear. What makes it so charming are the fun style and diversity of objects you see along the way. Unfortunately, near the end of the third world, the levels veer into a robotic motif, and the game's charm is lost. Little Skywire isn't even very challenging until you reach the last two levels of the fourth world. These two levels were really neat and suggested that things were about to get interesting, but then you get the message: "Please rate this game, and we'll add more levels." That was the end! For now, anyway, but the game still costs $2. If the developer would be willing to drop the price to that sweet $1 spot or hurry and finish the game, this would be an easy recommendation. Until then, I just feel let down.
iOS (Mobile)
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