Reviewed by Clark on Feb 27, 2012
The style is cute, and the mechanics reminds me of Cut the Rope without the rope, but Nose Invaders just doesn't click with me. I'll forgive the frequent crashes, as annoying as they are, since that could just be a problem unique to the iPod Touch. The controls and gameplay, however, feel lacking. The goal is to collect all three viruses before falling off the bottom of the screen by launching a green, ball-shaped creature at sticky and non-sticky platforms. You can tap anywhere on the screen to start the launch process, but it's not easy to cancel this if you need to move your finger somewhere else, because it's blocking the view. I also frequently (and accidentally) slid my finger off the screen, which would then send my green dude to his death. The puzzles themselves are fine and can be fun to solve... except for the air current that's constantly switching between up/down. I realize the air current is an integral part of the game, but waiting for it to switch on its own is tedious. For $1, Nose Invaders is still a decent game, but I don't see myself coming back to it very often, if at all.
iOS (Mobile)
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