Reviewed by Captain Joel on May 9, 2012
Some of my best memories of the last gaming gen are of long summers spent playing through Devil May Cry. So I was understandably pretty stoked when I heard about Devil May Cry HD Collection, but maybe I shouldn't have been so excited... For starters, the original Devil May Cry has not aged well at all. The fixed Resident Evil-style camera angles make the game a chore to play and will no doubt be a major cause of frustration and death for the first few hours. After you get past that, though, the action-packed gameplay more than makes up for it. Devil May Cry 3 suffers from none of these issues and manages to make the gameplay even more mind-blowing and stylish than the first game. Thanks to the Special Edition of DMC3 being included, there's also tons of replayability in the form of replaying the game as Dante's brother, Vergil. The only possible problem that you could have with this collection is the difficulty, but as long as you're patient and competent at action games, then you should have a blast. Oh yeah, stay away from DMC2. It sucks.
Playstation 3
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