Reviewed by Captain Joel on Jun 4, 2012
The PixelJunk series has been pretty hit or miss for me. Understandably, though, I was stoked to find out about SideScroller, because I love shoot 'em ups! Sadly, PixelJunk SideScroller is probably the most disappointing of the PixelJunk games. SideScroller reuses most of the enemy and level designs from PixelJunk Shooter. This would be great, except that most of the enemies from Shooter required you to make use of your spin ability to quickly evade danger, and that is almost completely missing from this title. Sure, there is a spin attack, but the fact that you have to charge the move (which takes way too long, by the way) before you use it ensures that you're going to be experiencing many cheap deaths. The presentation and music are great, though, but the gameplay just really isn't up to par with the other PixelJunk Shooter games. Knowing that there's a better game out there, just skip this one altogether unless you're a die-hard PixelJunk fan.
Playstation 3
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