Reviewed by Graeme on Aug 31, 2011
The sniper: a sharpshooter, master of stealth, and physics genius all wrapped in one. It's no surprise gamers love playing this elite role. I'll be honest, Sniper: Ghost Warrior won't be winning any major awards: the storyline is "meh," the gameplay feels unpolished, and the graphics are Wii quality at best. However, the unique features of this game made it so fun that I couldn't put the controller down. First, targets are well camouflaged and can hear/see nearly everything - you need to be extremely meticulous if you want to go undetected. Second, for the first time I've seen in a game, you have to adjust for projectile physics (no anti-gravity bullets here). And finally, my personal favorite, headshots are rewarded with a slow-mo cutaway following the bullet, giving you a great view of the carnage and a sneak peek at the target's surroundings. Ghost Warrior isn't perfect, but for those of us who take joy in killing enemies while they stand oblivious to the danger, it's worth a try.
Playstation 3
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