Reviewed by Ned on Oct 1, 2011
I have always been a huge fan of Tekken but held out on this one until it hit the bargain bin. To me, Tekken has always been about very fast gameplay. You fight, win, and start the next match.  The problem with Tekken 6 is that there is a giant, gaping hole in this formula. I'm talking about load times.  I put the disc in, select my character, and it takes 30 seconds (I timed it) to start the first match. After defeating my first opponent, it took another 28 seconds to move on to the next fight. To top that, loading boss battles can  run up to a full minute. After digging through option menus, I found an "install game" option (which really should have been mandatory), and the waiting time was reduced to 18 seconds. That's way better, right?  The problem is, I'm still spending almost as much time watching load screens as I am tearing through the three fast-paced rounds. With even slower online features and the terrible "3D beat 'em up" scenario campaign, I simply cannot recommend this game.
Playstation 3
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