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Shank 2

Reviewed by on Feb 29, 2012
Screenshot of Shank 2

I’ve been excited to play Shank 2 ever since I finished the first one. Shank had a fantastic animation style, super fun brawling, and most important to me, a really good story. Shank 2¬†delivers on the first two, but the story is terrible. The levels fit together about as well as 6 puzzle pieces from different puzzles and two oranges. The cut scenes are ridiculous. Here is a description of one: Shank jumps up, cuts a full-sized helicopter in half with a chain saw, then lands in water where he rips the teeth out of a shark and walks away. As awesome as that sounds, the tone of the first game was far too serious to prepare me for the over-the-top nonsense that the sequel offers. I highly doubt most people want to play this game for the story, but I did. I felt that the characters and the plot were the glue that held the combat ¬†of the first game together. I wanted to know what happened. Shank 2 feels like the culmination of 8 people making different levels and then gluing them together and calling it a finished product. I didn’t hate it, but even with the multiplayer offerings, I was quite disappointed.

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