Reviewed by Ned on Aug 21, 2012
The story told in Portable Ops  (not to be confused with Portable Ops Plus) is a key part of the Metal Gear saga. It starts directly after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3 with Naked Snake's first adventure as the rogue soldier, "Big Boss." It's a great story, but the game itself is terrible. Each mission is played the exact same way,  using  a four-man army to kidnap enemy soldiers and send them back to base for recruitment until you reach your mission goal. Each level can take hours to complete, especially if you're spotted, because it takes roughly 4-6 minutes to get the enemy soldiers off your tail. The controls are decent for a PSP game, but that's not saying a lot. Other than the several memorable boss battles that the franchise is famous for, there isn't much to enjoy. You could force your way through 20+ hours to destroy the final weapon (in a cutscene), or you could keep your respect for the franchise and watch the important parts on YouTube.
Playstation Portable
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