Reviewed by JR on Apr 9, 2012
In many ways, Coloropus feels like a throwback to the edgier point-and-click adventure games popularized by Sierra.  The music, artwork, and presentation fill me with blissful, nostalgic memories of the Gobliiins series.  Unfortunately, Coloropus takes another page from Sierra's design book, throwing in deadly hazards, tedious back-tracking, and a precise order of operations that can actually break the game if not adhered to correctly.  I'd almost be willing to forgive these issues if it weren't for the horrible controls.  I could never get the octopus to swim just right, and several times I was certain I was losing my mind while trying to delicately maneuver objects into narrow targets.  It's unfortunate that these few problems are so terrible, because Coloropus is actually a very pretty and thoughtful game.  There are some clever ideas involving color mixing, and I love the good versus evil system that either sends you to hell or heaven when you die.  But as charming as the game is, and as much as I want to like it, I can't bring myself to recommend it.
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