Reviewed by Joe on May 11, 2012
Over a year ago, I reviewed Hoard for the PS3 and decided it was awesome. I recently picked it up on Steam for $2 and some change with the DLC, and it's actually an even better experience. Unfortunately, there still isn't a lot of people playing it online, but this game was made to be played up close on a PC. Sitting on a couch looking up at a TV just doesn't do it justice. The graphics on the PS3 version are worse, and the DLC is unavailable. The reason I feel like recommending this version now is that, by playing up close, I can see the detail I need to find a new love for HOARD mode. You have to survive as long as possible on a map by yourself while the game throws as much as possible at you. It starts out a little slow but easily becomes overwhelming far before the gold medal time. With the DLC's refreshing desert and snow terrains and extra maps, Hoard feels like a new game.  It's perfect for 10-15 minutes at a time when I need a study break. The menus are still incredibly clunky, and the game isn't perfect, but as I said before, I have a crush on Hoard.
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