Reviewed by JR on Dec 19, 2010
Even though Machinarium is a fun point and click adventure game, it doesn't avoid the many pitfalls of the genre. For every clever puzzle, there's one that makes no sense, the character walks way too slow, and interactive objects often blend with the scenery. Fortunately, the game accounts for some of this by giving you a hint button and the option to outright cheat. Cheating requires you to play a short side scrolling shooter, which unlocks a comic book style play-by-play of what you are supposed to do. It's an awful mini game, though, and really does feel like a punishment for cheating. It's easy to overlook key elements in the game, because you can only interact with objects in your immediate vicinity, and sometimes an idea will fail, because you just didn't click in precisely the right location. So you will most definitely have to cheat at some point. But any fan of adventure games is well aware of these issues, and Machinarium really is a good game. The gorgeous world, unique characters, and clever puzzles make it all worth it.
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