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Fable Heroes

Reviewed by on May 8, 2012
Screenshot of Fable Heroes

Considering Fable’s legacy and Lionhead Studio’s reputation, I was expecting something a little more substantial than what Fable Heroes ended up being: a two-button beat ‘em up clearly aimed at children. But even kids will have more fun with Castle Crashers or Crimson Alliance, so why bother? The gameplay in Fable Heroes is overly simple with linear levels, repetitive enemies, uninspired and obnoxious power-ups, and a leveling system that relies too much on chance. You roll the dice and move around a board after each level to determine what you can upgrade. Seriously. This Mario Party theme is taken a step further when, at the end of a level, you can choose to fight a boss (but don’t; they take forever to kill) or play a mini-game (don’t do that, either; they’re pretty dumb). What’s left to look forward to, then? Even if the simplicity of the normal action appeals to you, it’s too hard to follow due to unhelpful camera angles, bright colors that blend together, and the presence of stupid AI teammates who can’t be turned off. Fable fan or not, there’s just nothing here to get excited about.

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Responses to Fable Heroes
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    Ned on May 8, 2012
    Wasn't the original Fable the best one? Now there's Fable Journey or something like that coming for the Kinect. bleh.
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    Clark on May 8, 2012
    The first Fable is the best, or so I've been told. I've actually only played Fable II. It was okay. Not exciting enough for me to want to finish it, though.
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    Captain Joel on May 9, 2012
    Fable 2 is actually the best. Fable 1 is good because it establishes a lot of the inner workings of the universe and it has a couple of cool moments where you stumble across stuff in the world, but otherwise it wasn't that good. Fable 2 actually delivers on pretty much everything that Fable 1 promised to be.
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