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World Gone Sour

Reviewed by on Apr 17, 2012
Screenshot of World Gone Sour

Doritos may have set the standard for releasing free games that double as advertisements, but World Gone Sour’s $5 price tag means you’re getting a slightly more substantial product. It’s a few hours long, is surprisingly adult and dark-humored, and features some clever gameplay mechanics. I like how you collect followers along the way and can absorb them to make yourself bigger and stronger. You can also toss these followers onto switches or into pits of spikes to reach point multipliers. The leaderboard implementation is lame, though, so I stopped caring about the points early on. This is a pretty basic platformer, anyway, and the game’s cool ideas are overshadowed by formulaic boss battles and repetitive level design. The controls aren’t really up to par, either. It’s difficult to make minor adjustments in speed, and I found the wall-jumping here to be some of the most frustrating wall-jumping I’ve ever experienced. All in all, World Gone Sour is okay, but considering XBLA has no shortage of great platformers, you won’t miss out on much by skipping this one.

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Responses to World Gone Sour
  1. avatar
    Clark on Apr 17, 2012
    After I beat the game, I found myself really craving Sour Patch Kids. So I guess it worked on me.
  2. avatar
    Ned on Apr 17, 2012
    Yeah, the old Burger King games made me never want to go to a Burger King again.
  3. avatar
    Ned on Apr 17, 2012
    But I loved me some Chex Quest. Now that was an awesome game.
  4. avatar
    Clark on Apr 17, 2012
    Chex Quest! Yes! That is the epitome of food-related video games. I thought Burger King's Big Bumpin' was mildly amusing, but the other two were garbage.
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