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Glow Arcade Racer

Reviewed by on Oct 18, 2011
Screenshot of Glow Arcade Racer

I was excited when I saw Glow Arcade Racer listed on the XBLIG channel, because it looked like a knock-off of Super Laser Racer, a PC title that I had a blast playing. Despite offering several modes, though, and trying very hard with a flashier presentation, Glow Arcade underperforms Super Laser in most respects, and it’s tough to give this title a thumbs up. I hope the developer either improves on a sequel or someone picks up the mantle, because this is a title begging to be made well. The game is a vector, retro-styled, top-down racer where you zip around a track against 3 opponents, using power ups and boosts in a standard race format. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do a great job explaining what’s going on on the track, the zooming and moving auto camera can make following the action tough, and it can be confusing to know what’s happening. The computer AI is frustratingly good and bad at the same time, and while there’s potential here, Glow Arcade Racer doesn’t quite cross the finish line.

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Responses to Glow Arcade Racer
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    Clark on Oct 18, 2011
    I thought, at the very least, the level editor would save this game, but I found it extremely difficult to use.
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    JR on Oct 18, 2011
    That's too bad, I was kind of excited for this one.
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