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Star Dash

Reviewed by on Jan 26, 2011
Screenshot of Star Dash

I’ve said before that I like platform racers, but Star Dash misses what makes these kind of games fun. There are no power-ups or weapons to collect (only stars for points) and no way to interact with the other players as you climb the vertically-scrolling levels. It does have a slight co-op feel to it, however, since players must pick up extra time to keep the level alive, and when time runs out, everyone loses. There is an enormous number of levels, too, but the actual level select is pretty well-hidden (you access it through the high scores menu), and trying to do any more than five levels at a time will most likely result in a headache. Part of what wears on me are the tinkly sounds every star makes when you touch them. Okay, okay… what really wears on me is just that the controls have no sense of momentum or weight. Your avatar runs and jumps at full speed, so it’s hard to reach certain ledges without repeatedly over or undershooting. It should be a contest against other players, not against the controls.

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Responses to Star Dash
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    Mario H on Jan 26, 2011
    Thanks for the review. just want to state a few points here.
    1. The game is about high scores not completion.
    2. There is 1 sort of "powerup". The point multiplier when you fill up the bar. Use it to double the value of anything you collect for 5 seconds.
    3. There is a way to choose what level to play in the high scores from the main menu. You actually get the option to play a single level or start from any level.(only works for single player though)

    We have an update in playtest now and it streamlines the level select and adds level select for multiplayer too.
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    Clark on Jan 26, 2011
    Thanks for the clarification. I've updated the review to reflect that a level select does exist. I don't really consider the multiplier a power-up, though, since it doesn't grant you any new abilities or affect your opponents in any way.
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